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HVAC 101

HVAC 101

Energy Management versus Consumers Needs. What matters most being a contractor.

Air Comfort Systems, Inc Commercial (614)444-COOL or (740)380-COOL
Air Comfort Systems, Inc Commercial (614)444-COOL or (740)380-COO strive to make the best decision we can for our; “Earth”, “Us” and our “Client” “Clients.”

How Lucky are you?


How Lucky you are!

Being a Contractor, sales agent, or any other type of skilled trades representative you already earn a fraction of trust. Trust is the product #1 thing you must maintain in your toolbelt!

In order to do that you must believe in your company and/or products it sells as the client is already in defence mode because they feel they may be taken advantage of and it happens routinely in Skilled Trades as Big Headed or Greedy individuals  find their way into a World they should be far from!  So stay far from that club of idiots!

Top Level: Major Equipment Failure! This can be from a Small Appliance too- 

AC installation on a residential home in Hilliard, Ohio 43206 USA (614)444-COOL / (614)444-2665 2014-08-23 14:12:11
AC installation on a residential home in Hilliard, Ohio 43206 USA (614)444-COOL / (614)444-2665 2014-08-23 14:12:11

Industiral Building HVAC Systems

HVAC Cooling Tower
Cooling Tower on a Building in Dayton, Ohio. Air Comfort Systems, Inc +1(614)444-HEAT (4328) +1(614)444-COOL (2665) Pictured is a United States of American Indian that served in the Gulf War a very much neglected Veteran Ethan Allen comparing the size of HVAC equipment to a man. Our choice was Ethan Allen for this. Both a Big Deal!

 They need the proper help quicly.

So if the number one thing cannot be #1 with you, then will you please stop reading here!


Many choice of products on the HVAC Market

To be healthy HVAC systems are a major factor!. As air and it’s contaminates are surrounding us constantly and the usage of energy increasing both the product of and the neglect of care for the end user of. There is a lot to evaluate here. Look at the full scope and feel the differences others have doing away with old technology that improves preformances and slows down energy rates, improvement measures that make IAQ hospital grade quality etc.


Do not over sell or do not be over sold to.

Because of fake deceptive practices. Most everyone will be on guard and should be with the way we conduct our type of business.

Important  time management skills, I find myself in lack of horribly. The day only last 24 hours. You can easliy get stuck on a situation that is dire and consume your time, You may have good reasons, but no one person wants to hear them! They want you there to repair   their World not any others. Most people have lives to live in a much faster pace world then ever before and it is only getting faster. Responsive practices are very important! You must communicate with your client constantly assuring them with the fact(s) that you are going to correct this properly and they will be fine.

Many (a lot!) people take advantage of the fact at hand with a person who has the need for your service. DO NOT LET THEM DOWN!  You’ll find it to be in your best interest to “Respectfully Treat” accordingly to the way you would want your own family’s needs taken care of!

Your skilled in a trade that they may or may not know, you can earn money according to what ever may be at hand in your profession, but NEVER take advantage of a SOUL even if rudeness prevails on their end, treat them with respect in all manners most assuredly.

We do not ever want to be the barer of bad news, at least I do not, but the bad news does occur and if a major appliance is in need of being replaced or needs a expensive part, you do want to make a wrong choice here. You want the owner of what ever to be fully aware of the  all the factors you should know about fully: Age of the system, Performance of, Options to Repair or Replace a Very old or Very enegry consuming unit. What is the Geo Location b/c Appliances are a factor on the Equity on Real Estate with that how long are they planning on residing there. Is the “Payback” in their best interests?  In order to reduce the utility of what ever you can offer is only accurately asking the proper questions to relate and get a good prospective of their needs. just may make the day better for a person who may just be having a bad day! You earned respect from the rudest of folks if you stay hummble at all times! Tho Hard Sometimes/

They come from different back grounds and know different things then you.

if possible pick-up a small bit of intel from them as you can.

If you have established  a “Trust Factor” with your client then your better off with helping Earth because you can reduce the usage of unnecessary wattages on the appliances which your repairing or replacing how ever it be! Your sending them on the right by reducing there foot print on the Energy Grid.


Why is it me writing this:


About us do want too Join?

Call today for your leading HVAC company. We will not take advantage of you, nor your time or wallet! We primarily take and do a majority of the work load we have ourselves. Should we become over loaded we then quickly network you with the most reputable HVAC company that fits your need, We only use the most seasoned HVAC companys in this most skilled of shilled trades and we stand behind them to cover if they also become the same. We all work as aHVAC TEAM #HVACTEAM Are you a HVAC Company that qualifies

York Heating and Air Conditioning supplier in Columbus, Ohio 2014-05-02 16.49.50 (614)444-COOL
York Heating and Air Conditioning supplier in Columbus, Ohio 2014-05-02 16.49.50 (614)444-COOL

and want to join us? Call: Rich at +1(740)823-2222 (Senior Project Manager) #SENIORPROJECTMANAGER.
https://HVACACS.COM State of Ohio Heating Liscens #:OH-30954
We speialize on Designer, Bacis Ranch, Two story, Multi Story HVAC systems of ALL MAKES #HVACMAKES, BRANDS #HAVCBRANDS, MANIFACTURES #HVACMANIFACTURE and CONTROLS #HVACCONTROL for not just tho primaly HVAC Systems extending too full home automation controls outside of tbasaic heat and cool style temputer controls. We can fully automate your home with everything on the market. We do not promote nor indorse any one brand we hear your needs and budget then work very hard for you to find out what best fits your needs. We have been doing this analigy for many years now. Since way back in the mid 1960’s We were the Biggest Air Conditioning Company in Texas in the late !970’s then came back home, but left there a growing thing we are heading back to claim.
For Central and/or Columbus, Oh:
Emergency 24/7/365.24 alway live: +1(614)918-8247

Hocking Hills Ohio/ Logan, Ohio
+1(740)385-2146 Universal Heating a substdary of
Air Comfort Systems, Inc. who is owned by the family of
parternered up with http://www.HVAC.COM
What about me? My story As a child in Houston, Texas my father ran Universal Air Conditioning for another groupof bankers and business professionals, I would get quit upset at the age of 5-7 if I got left behind. I felt it in my blood to be there to help him with what ever his need was. He had to over see 40+ employees. It was him that the was responsibility laid to over see all was running smooth and he was a perfectionist, I learned at my Fathers school of HVAC Technology (The main saying I made up & use). I say Fathers because I have many. My Grandfathers, My actual Father (Rick Blount Sr.) and then my claimed other type of Fathers Figures I had the luck of meeting tho not blood but just as while as, which all had the best practices I could of ever learned and cheerish dearliy!. They had used the most up to date of that era to network their work force and manaigers to keep they company growing strong. It became the biggest Air Conditioninbg Company in the 1970’s I remeber then carring a pager around he woud call to let me know he though of me when I was not afforded the opportunity to tag along. I carried his tools, I cleaned up his jo=b sites and I would harass his workers with blades of monkey grass as if a “BEE” would go in their ear, I was a little brat too: if I did think you were just sitting around! I was a fun kid who grasped everything BIG in the World of construction, energy and devoplment of businesses and LOVE EVERY MINUTE of IT.

We Are The HVAC Pro for Central Ohio if we become to busy we network you back you the Best HVAC or Other Skilles Trade Companies we  know that will treat you and your property Right!

Furnace services that you don’t pay dearly for! 30+ years (us) and your hand on with the over the phone pro who knows how to coach you through basics in ways to save your life if you must have heat. These are the ways to still be save and restore your heat till someone professionally can get to You!


Major ATTENTION this is for: “ALL BRANDS” of FURNACES 90% and Higher!


We can save you at a minimum a hundred or more dollars yearly from this one time call for now on each winter till you should make an appointment for a 5 year inspection by a professional High Skilled and Quality Craftsman! 

1. flash light

2. 6 way all in one                                                             screwdriver set. *You may possibly only need a 1/4 and 5/16 hex head nut driver and/or wrench.

3. Sandpaper/emery cloth/ wire wheel (softly!)

4. 2 Arms common sense and the ability to take constructive criticism, sometimes.

Also look desperately for 30 year plus  HVAC Skilled trade master such as us.

good-rich-computer-wore-out-win_20150429_130716-2015_05_14-10_36_06-utc-jpg-uploaded-to-drive-on-10-5-2016-1055 img_20160520_171212786good-rich-computer-wore-out-win_20150429_130716-2015_05_14-10_36_06-utc-jpg-uploaded-to-drive-on-10-5-2016-1071

Per your Equipment Manufacture:

Remember this is important info, the paper work that says owners info and this is why there so many newer units that fail after only the second and third season of operation.

Just a simple few step assures your as your Manufacturer stated in manual to do Annually and we are also providing you verification it was performed by a 30+ year HVAC veteran. No one tells you  for your warranties to be valid, you need to have your furnace checked seasonally. This is a practice of good for you and Our Environment (energy consumption increases as years past unattended).

Before you risk any thing, get assured, you must do before this happens:


You, a family member or friend (human and non) becomes sick or “God For Bid!” Dies because the newer equipment has detrimental parts that need to have special attention addressed or in winters operation the build up of carbons on “few acting parts/safety switches, these are very delegate and breakable parts if not shown and explained why and what about it’s function in real time. These sources the “GAS VALVE” and beyond NO ONE with UNLESS YOU ARE A SEASONED CERTIFIED High Level Skilled and Knowledge HVAC Trades man should attempt.s

Safety is #1 but yiou can save $50-$250 dollars normal local HVAC Tech fees vary to have you earn from my telling you.  I get paid I make money and save your home, you and your wallet!

Your can furnace and does shut down because a safety control system has soot build up. We try our best to help a person in need the best and most affordable way possible. So sign up now my FACEBOOK url we can go  live with each other. Call 24/7/365+1(740)380-2665 +1(614)444-HEAT (4328).  Offer all Skilled Trades information we are a net work of highly skilled egineers are not near our level we are intovators are trouble shoot all calls. We are non legal libail for any accidently damage you cause or get hurt in any form there is of. Temprally we shut down 614-444-COOL and 614-444-HEAT until we are assured we have the proper man power to run with our peers “The Elders Program” by us will be Key!” Sincerely, Rich

This is content for the use bettering. We are not the responsible party if any accidents arise do to neglect our staff will never direct any one into danmgerous situations and will only try to best assit the issue you have. Sincerely Rich Blount Jr. acting as V.P of operations at Air Comfort Systems, Inc.

AC repair in Central Ohio (614)444-COOL (2665)

Air Comfort Systems, Inc. 

Air Comfort Systems, Inc. is Central Ohio’s Highest of Quality HVAC Company. We use only the best and safest equipment and materials on EVERY JOB WE DO.

Call us today for your free advise on your needs.
(614)444-COOL We being a family operated business since 1985 and in the trade since 1966  We work every job using our best judgement and that starts with our Faith and Morals Save your self the head ache of being taken advantage of by these other ridiculous so called HVAC Companies who claim to be  Community Friendly Companies on this necessity everyone needs to survive in comfort while being Energy Efficient”  They fall way short to the term friendly when seeing what they really practics “GREED” We are  100% full of the knowlege you need with all forms of the HVAC trade. You just found your “HVAC Pillow” you can rest assured now as we are providing you safety and the best quality running HVAC system. It has always been and will continue to be our much respected responsibility to provide you a fare and honest price for your service! You will be handled directly by us, we are people just like you. We do not care for the sales agent approach that 90% of businesses locally use which just keep raising YOUR bottom dollar to earn them more commissions with added scary tactics charging you double the fare market value because they earn their living that way. That is not a good business practices in the residential HVAC Industry (sales commissions on appliances you must have to survive safe and comfortable) We are hands on  with your system from the sale to the start up to completing the warranty papers and giving you the knowlege to allow your system to run efficiently for many years. We do Air Conditioning repair and installs for small homes to multi level buildings mil+ sq.ft. full and complete HVAC systems. We provide HVAC for commercial residential and Industrial Business. est. 1985. We service a 50 mile radius of Down town Columbus, we are based inLogan, Ohio 740-380-COOL (2665) We are  highly regarded  in the HVAC Industry. 614-444-COOL (2665) winter 614-444-HEAT (4328) Our main goal is to keep you comfortable year round using safety and using the equipment manufactures’ requirements for reliability as our main focus. We repair, services, sell and install all formers of Heating and Air Conditioning equipment for most brands, We are not limited to just a few. Major brands we promote are Rheem, York, #AC, #ACREPAIR, #AIRCONDITIONERREPAIR, #AIRCONDITIONERREPAIR, #HVAC.#HEATPUMP #COMMERCIALHEATPUMPCONTRACTOR