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Plenty of sun, warm, humid and hot days sums up how the weather is year round in this beautiful city. However, we all know the familiar saying here, wait ten minutes and the weather will change. It can go from dry to wet and sometimes warm to chilly with a sudden downpour of rain.

The temperature here in NOLA feels quite nice most of the year. And people here don’t generally complaint a lot about the climate.

However, the moment someone’s air conditioner breaks down, the experience becomes very sweaty and uncomfortable.

If you find yourself in any of these scenarios, just give us a call. We work 24/7 round the clock and have helped numerous New Orleans residents with every kind of AC and heating issues. 

The hottest month here is in August when temperatures can go up to 91 degrees Fahrenheit. Majority of our AC repair calls comes in during and around summer.

The most common reasons for AC and heating breakdowns among our customers happen due to lack of regular maintenance. Many of the repairs that we get called for could have been avoided by doing a yearly maintenance service. We highly recommend that you do regular servicing of your air conditioner.

 Why Proper Air Conditioning Is So Important

The heat in New Orleans Louisiana is brutal. According to some residents, the weather can be miserable at times.

Sometime in June a few years back extreme heat and broken air conditioning caused five employees from the Sewerage and Water Board Headquarters on St. Joseph Street to be taken away in ambulances. All these five employees suffered from heat exhaustion.

There have been many heat-related incidents like this. Just a few hours without air conditioning is enough to cause heat-related illnesses. It is not safe for a family with kids and pets to stay in their homes without air conditioning for more than a few hours.

Offices would also need to be shut as the heat would be too much to tolerate.    

The moment you realize that your AC is not working you should immediately call an HVAC company to get it fixed. And while you wait you can cool off by keeping yourself hydrated, changing into loose comfortable cotton clothes, getting some wind circulation by turning on fans and opening windows.

If you still feel hot, then you can wet a towel in chilled water and wrap it around your neck. These tips will surely cool you down while you wait for the technicians to arrive and get your AC functioning again. 

You should give us a call if you see these signs below:

  • AC stops blowing cold air
  • AC is not cooling the room enough
  • Water leakage from the AC inside your home or outside from your condenser
  • AC will not turn off
  • AC fan stops running
  • Central AC won’t turn on anymore
  • Any smell from the AC

These are some signals that indicate your AC has some issues and needs to be repaired. If you see these signs, please take action immediately and call an HVAC as not doing anything is likely going to cause permanent damage to your AC unit. And you may end up having to buy a brand new air conditioner.

If you are facing any trouble give us a call, we are always available to help and we will get your issues fixed quickly and cost-effectively.

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