YORK© AC installation is a very high leveled skill, the life span of your system depends on the quality and precision as intended by the manufacturer. There is a flood of so called HVAC skilled pros who do not care about your systems life änd/or performance.We do! We are a family owned and operated company with multiple decades in this "skilled trade." We are all hands on, no passing of under qualified personél from us as the bigger local HVAC Companies sadly do because they become overloaded and hire people with only schooling and no field experience received_836454543144436

Why should your Air Conditioner be replaced instead of repaired? Find out Why here:

The life of a Air Conditioner is approximately 10-15 years do to the fact of newer innovations in technologies of making things more environmentally friendlier by means of the atmosphere and energy consumption awareness. Just 10 years ago the amount of energy consumed by a typical Air Conditioning System was running amperage of almost double that of today’s models. This means 50 cents less on every dollar to you can be saved in operating costs. The National Department of Energy states that on average 60%-65%  of a home energy is normally the HVAC systems. We strive at bring the best advice to you in many ways when deciding if it is time to fix or replace you AC unit. We do not try to over sell to you, But we do strive at bring awareness to you tho. I would replace a 10+ year old  AC (air conditioner) unit if it had been neglected for more then 5 years with no preventative maintenance or routine maintenance . Then make sure to do PM on it from now on yearly at minimum. Now if you know why you should replace or repair your AC (air conditioning) unit with easy please share on FB.

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