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96 degrees Fahrenheit that is how high the temperature can go up to during the summer in San Antonio TX. A broken air conditioner at a place like this during the hot summer months is just about the last thing you want to deal with. Frustrated and angry with the thought, why is this happening to me today is what most people think and go through when their AC breaks down.

But that is not how you have to feel today and you must be lucky since we provide expert quality 24-hour AC repair, maintenance and installation service. We do not want any of the amazing residents of this city to suffer in the heat during the summer. No matter what time of the day or night just give us a call and we will have cool air flowing through your home or office in no time. 

A fact surprises many people about San Antonio Texas is its’ winters. The winter months here is much colder than what people realize. Since the overall yearly temperature is on the warmer side, people tend to forget freezing cold days of winter. The temperature can drop and hover around the low 40 degrees Fahrenheit region. And then there are always the rare days when the temperature drops to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

The temperatures here does get bitterly cold in the winter and when your heating decides to take a holiday on you in the cold season guess who gets cold feet? You. So if your heating is not working and your family members are starting to get really grumpy at you and everything else give us call. We will come to your home and bring back the warmth to your lovely house, making you and your family happy again.

Did the heating in your office stop working? You know that your talented employees will not be able to do their job when they are shivering in the cold. They will probably be thinking about leaving the office, even worse they might be planning to move to a competitor because you are keeping them in the cold. Don’t let this happen and dial our number. We will take care of heating your office or any kind of commercial building, keeping you and your workforce warm and happy.

Whether you need new air conditioning or heating system, maintenance service, or a last-minute repair, you can always count on Air Comfort Systems to get the job done. Our team of local technicians are always available 24/7 and even during the weekends to attend to your problems. Give us a call and we will get to you as soon as possible. 

 Call Us If Your AC Has The Following Problems

A good portion of the air conditioners that we bring back to life stopped working because our customers did not do a regular maintenance servicing. So it is always a good idea to make you get this done as it will prolong the life span of your AC.

These are some major indications that require immediate attention:

  • Not adequate or weak airflow
  • Strange sound coming from your AC unit
  • Any kind of smell coming from your AC
  • Leakage around your AC or condenser
  • Not pumping out cool air

These are major signals which must be attended to. Not taking immediate action is likely going to cause permanent damage. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money buying a new unit then give us a call as soon as any of these issues happen to your AC. 

Signs That Indicate Your Heating Needs Repair

Just like air conditioners, the most common problems of heating is caused by irregular maintenance. Generally, heating systems last much longer than AC and require fewer repairs, but it is not immune to breakdowns.

Regular maintenance of your heating will ensure that your system runs well for a very long time. And save you money on repairs and new installations in case of a complete breakdown. 

The following signs are major indications of your heating breaking down:

  • Any kind of smell
  • Not maintaining consistent temperatures
  • Any unusual sounds
  • An unusual hike in your utility bill

If you are experiencing any of the issues mentioned above, then please do not wait. As not taking any action can cause permanent damage to your heating system, which is going to be costly.

Give us a call if you find yourself in this situation, and we will make sure that your beautiful home or office retains its warmth. In case you need any information or a quote on heating or AC maintenance, repair, installation or any other questions then please do not hesitate to give us a no-obligation call.

If your budget is limited and your specific preferences let us know and our HVAC contractors will try their best to accommodate your requests.

Our company policy is to make sure we get your HVAC issues fixed ASAP in a cost-effective manner. We never push any sales tactics on our customers.

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